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перевести 25.06.2020


I am having the same issue as every one else. They charged my card instantly and never sent the product and I can’t even get a hold of them.
перевести 18.02.2019


these guys really suck! They don't answer the "live chat" feature on their website and they don't have guest checkout
перевести 25.02.2018


This is the worst company to order anything from. they do not respond to my e-mails and I still do not have my product or my money. Never ever order from here they have the worst costumer service and do not care if you get your product or not but they will take your money.
перевести 27.11.2017

Beth Mitchell

You sent me an email saying the product was discontinued but charged my card anyway..119.95. Order # 15606. Please reimburse me for this amount.
перевести 01.04.2017

Jessica Danielson

Do not pay extra for faster delivery or expect to ever contact this company. It's almost impossible! I placed my order and paid extra for faster delivery(5-10days, like it said). My account was charged 2 days later. 2 weeks later, I still haven't received my order so I emailed the company. Their contact section says they reply within 24hrs. 5 days later, I still didn't get a response so I emailed them again. They did respond the next day and asked for order number. I sent that right away. 3 weeks later I finally got my order and still not a 2nd response from them as to where my order is. I would ask for them to refund my shipping charges, but they aren't worth my time anymore since they don't respond anyways. Never again will I be ordering anything from this company!
перевести 17.10.2016

Sue Henry

I am having issues with order with SYGMALL. I placed order a month ago and tracking says it is still in customer. I have emailed back and forth with no results. They tell me to be patient a few more days. I wait a week and email back that tracking shows it still hasn't left china. They took my money same day I placed order. I didn't tell them to be patient for my payment. I will never order from them again and I suggest others not to either.
перевести 01.10.2015

Samantha Green

I wouldn't recommend this company. They took my money fast but never shipped my product or told me there was a delay. They finally cancelled my order but have still not refunded my money and haven't responded to my emails or chat.
перевести 12.01.2015


Ist ganz in Ordnung. Hatte keine probleme. Lieferzeit wurde eingehalten. Kann nur leider nicht gegen Aliexpress, Dealextreme und anderen Größen bestehen.

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