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Rotita - это новый магазин моды из Китая, который существует с 1. ноября 2004 года. До этого магазин существовал под названием WholesaleItOnline.

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Новое имя, новые тренды: Китайский магазин Rotita

Опыт с Rotita

Для вас мы решили испробовать этот магазин и сделали несколько заказов. Доставка нашего заказа длилась около 25 будних дней и пришла без недостатков.


Оплата в этом магазине возможна только через ваш счёт на PayPal. Укоротить процесс оплаты вы можете с помощью "Checkout with PayPal". Мы рекомендуем оплату через PayPal, так как в этом случаи для вас действует сервис защиты покупателя и при возникновении проблем вы можете вернуть ваши деньги в течение 45 дней. 

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У вас есть выбор между бесплатной доставкой, стандартной и экспресс-доставкой. Бесплатная доставка длится от 7-15 будних дней, стандартная доставка длится около 5 и 7  будних дней, экспресс-доставка всего лишь от 3 до 5 будних дней.


Rotita Shipping Methods

Возврат и обмен товара

В течение 7 дней у вас есть возможность отослать дефектный товар обратно поставщику - в этом случаи он оплачивает обратную пересылку. Если вы заказали неправильный размер или товар вам не нравится, обратная пересылка, а так же новая доставка и дополнительные $3 за обработку идут на ваш счёт.


На рубрике "Daily Deals" вы найдёте актуальные скидки и предложения. Кроме этого магазин имеет собственный Блог Моды. Если вы там зарегистрированные, вы получите от 6-16% скидку на ваш заказ, а так же около 8 бесплатных вещей в месяц.


Если вы любите моду и заинтересованны в необычной одежде, вы в любом случаи должны посетить этот магазин.


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free shipping
от $30

бесплатная доставка от $30, большой выбор женской одежды

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Rotita часто имеет новые скидки и предложения. Все купоны вы найдёте на нашем сайте на рубрике "Купоны".


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Кошмарное качество по высоким ценам. Товар не соответсвует описанию. Возвратить товар невозможно, даже если явный брак! В лучшем случае возвращают 30%.
перевести 15.05.2019


I am floored at the merchandise that was delivered to me (in two separate shipments and I only ordered 3 tops, and took at least a month) One package was from PuDongXinQu Shanghai, China and the other top was from some other company called Ken ARCHBUSINESS in Rancho Cucamongo, CA (made in China). I first received these two horribly made tops, or should I call them drapes! 100% thick polyester on one, and the other 95% Terylene and 5% Spandex, and NO manufacturer labels and just a small 1/4" label "L" on the back of the neck. All of the garments are poorly sewn, the colors and patterns don't look anything like the website. I also ordered what I thought was something patriotic for our American 4th of July Celebration! Oh Heck NO! There is some kind of foreign jibberish writing all over, the material is a drape and totally ugly!! DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY. The materials used are not what the website says they are made out of, and I think it is deceitful! Shame on them for putting together such a nice website with garbage garments and people paying a decent price for this junk!! Ugh!!
перевести 14.05.2019

Kathy Sullivan

Well now I won't be checking your site to find out if a business is on the up, not one good review for this company and you give it 3 stars and say it's OK you must be a china group too, women are getting smarter in America we tell one another as I do NOT TO ORDER ON FACEBOOK. and this company will be added to my list !!!!!
перевести 08.05.2019


Very poor quality goods...nothing like the photos...very poor returns...only getting 20% back ad costs too much to send to USA! Scam
перевести 08.05.2019


No es igual que en la foto,no me gusta nada,y mala calidad.
No creo que vuelva a comprar nada.
перевести 08.05.2019

Robbie Taylor

I ordered 2 tops, one fit and the other did not. It was not made right. I have been trying to get an address to send the one back that does not fit. I agree, the ticket system is a gimmick. I have followed their instructions to return the item but they have not responded. They said do not mail to the address on the package because it will not be accepted. Doesn't matter, they don't want you to return and if you are so lucky as to get an address, I bet they find a reason not to refund all your money, if they refund at all. They do advertise cute clothes o get you to order, I personally would not recommend this company to anyone. By the way, if they did send an address now, it will be over the 30 days.
перевести 02.05.2019


Ik bestelde op 15 april 2019 en mijn bestelling is op 2 mei 2019 aangekomen. Ik ben tevreden.
перевести 29.04.2019


Return and exchange must all be completed within 30 days. Even if you ship it to them, they keep items and money. No refund if after 30 days. Even if you shipped it before that.
перевести 23.04.2019

Jo Anne S stellato

Think this is called passing the buck.
перевести 23.04.2019


Order was very late; however, the biggest issue I have is there was no email communication to alert or inform me of my order. When my order did arrived, there was no order review nor a return label. It is impossible to reach anyone in customer service. This is my first experience with Rotita. I am very hesitant to reorder.
перевести 18.04.2019


I placed an order recently, and have not received the item. I wished that I had read the reviews of others before purchasing on this site. Thankfully, I did not order a bunch of items and I will not order anything else from Rotita. I dislike people who scam you... it's ashame. I won't be doing business with Rotita any more.
перевести 13.04.2019


I ordered something over a month ago for my vacation. They sent out emails that it was going to be delayed. I contacted them to ask if they could cancel my order because it would arrive after my trip. Instead of getting back to me with a solution they waited a week and shipped it anyway and told me that I could just return it after my vacation or refuse the order. That means I've wasted my money
перевести 12.04.2019

france therrien

Je veux un numéro de retour pour mon maillot. commende : w190 322 023 513 30 13
paye par visa le 21 mars 2019 :4544 9830 0221 9584 $45.65 418 953 0200
tracking number 1023038112182534

france therrien
353 rue aubert lévis g6c 1k7
перевести 09.04.2019

Mary Byer

Terrible experience. The clothing was made of terrible fabric. I had no idea I was dealing with a foreign company. The refund policy is misleading as it promises prompt refund. However upon actually returning the shirts - 1 I had to pay for shipping 2. the refund is not quaranteed in whole 3 refund may take up to 10 to 20 business days.
Buyers Beware
перевести 14.03.2019

Paula Rosa

Purchased a swimsuit back in September of last year (2018), loved it, but it was too big, I then requested a return label so that I could send it back and exchange it to a smaller size M. I returned the item back late September and never received my exchanged item 'til this date. I have been in contact with the company back and forth about this and even thou I have placed the RMA number they request to be placed in the return bag (I placed inside and out) they claim they never received it, and simply won't send me the correct item back. So now I'm left without my money of purchase, money paid for the return and nothing to show for it. Maybe I should have kept the wrong size if I had known I would have this much of a headache. I want my money back at this point. I will never purchase from this company again, and will make sure to make people aware of their unorganized business place, where they receive mail and shipments, loose them internally or maybe they sell them again for double the profits, and simply does not care for their clients.

At the end now I told I had placed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, they responded this: "ok". They know nothing will be done against them, because they are located outside of the United States. They should not be able to do any business here, if this is how they do it. Very Unfortunate Thing. Its sad. But I'm sure to tell everyone about it, and I wont purchase anything from them or another like this again.
перевести 09.03.2019


I order a dress and a top and I was very disappointed when I received my order. I normally wear a medium in shirts but I order a large but even then I could not get the shirt on. The material and quality Of the fabric is awful. Forget about returning anything because the company is in China so it is not easy to return. For the money that you think you are saving you are better off going to Marshall’s and buying for the same price.
перевести 27.02.2019

Aurora Aguilar Hurtado

If I could, I would give them 0 stars but you can't because they automatically give themselves 3 stars as a standard rating or your review will NOT go through. I had a friend who ordered clothes from here and it took a 1 month for her order to arrive, it was too small, and IT DID NOT LOOK ANYTHING LIKE WHAT YOU SEE IN THE WEBSITE!!! EVERYTHING YOU HEAR AND READ ON THE REVIEWS IS REAL.
перевести 22.02.2019

K Ceglowski

Do not use this company. I gave them 2 stars because the swimsuits I ordered didn't seem cheaply made and were cute. I will NEVER use this company again since their customer service sucks. I ordered the first part of January for a February 15th trip and they totally close down for weeks for the Chinese New Year so I JUST received the suites yesterday, February 21st. They do not fit so I go to return. Their return policy sucks. So complicated and it's not free to return. I should have checked that first, but it is so complicated to get a refund for your return. It will probably takes weeks for it to process. There are plenty of cute, reasonably priced suits out there, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.
перевести 22.02.2019

Nejra Okanovic

Hallo habe ein Kleid bestellt leider passt er nicht wie sende ich das zurück mit freundlichen Gruß Okanovic
перевести 05.02.2019

Lea Mitchell

I have to say although I like the items they sell there are 2 problems with ROTITA. One is it is in China and I refuse to buy Anything from China or even Made in China if I can help it. Secondly there is not a brick and mortar store to go to. I Like brick and mortar stores for clothes buying so I can try clothes on before buying them since I am an odd fit. Sorry, ROTITA but if you were in the USA and had a real Store I would shop with you.

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