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PinkQueen - это китайский магазин моды, которые предлагают высококачественную женскую одежду по доступным ценам. Целевая группа покупателей: женщины от 15-45 лет.

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Для вас мы решили испробовать этот магазин и сделали несколько заказов. Нас обрадовал широкий ассортимент купальников, платьев и новейших трендов!

В детали

  • Время доставки: 15-20 будних дней (бесплатная доставка); экспресс-доставка 3-5 будних дней ($8,99)
  • Ассортимент: женская одежда
  • 305.478 место из всех самых часто посещаемый сайтов в интернете (


  • сервис защиты покупателя при оплате через PayPal
  • 60-дневное право на возврат
  • бесплатная доставка по всему миру


  • автоматический google-перевод


У вас есть выбор между оплатой через PayPal, с помощью кредитной карты (Visa,Mastercard,American Express) или банковского денежного трансфера, а так же с помощью Western Union или Moneygram. Мы рекомендуем оплату через PayPal, так как в этом случаи для вас действует сервис защиты покупателя и при возникновении проблем с заказом, вы сможете вернуть ваши деньги в течение 180 дней. 

Возможные виды оплаты

PayPal PayPal самый быстрый и безопасный вид оплаты
кредитная карта




при оплате кредитной картой для вас не действует сервис защиты покупателя
Western Union   Платный денежный трансфер в филиале Банка Western Union
MoneyGram   оплата онлайн или через филиал Банка MoneyGram
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Время и вид доставки

У вас есть выбор между стандартной бесплатной доставкой, которая длится около 15 и 20 будних дней и экспресс-доставкой (от 3-5 будних дней) за дополнительно $8,99.

PinkQueen Shipping Methods

Возврат и обмен

В течение 60 дней после заказа товара у вас есть право на возврат. Обмену подлежит не пользованный товар в оригинальной упаковке.


Pinkqueen имеет балльную систему, с помощью которой вы собирает баллы с каждым сделанным заказом. Заказ на $100 даёт вам 100 баллов и $10 скидку на следующий заказ. Заказ на $10 соответствует 10 баллам и скидкой в высоте $1.


Нам понравился магазин Pinkqueen из-за бесплатной доставки, широкого ассортимента, а так же 60-дневного права на обмен.


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бесплатная доставка бесплатная доставка, широкий ассортимент моды
2. альтернатива: SheIn
бесплатная доставка
от $30
бесплатная доставка от $30, большой выбор женской моды

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31 обзор

перевести 21.02.2019

Randi Roberts

HORRIBLE COMPANY!!! I finally got my order after over a month and it looked NOTHING like the picture!!! Looks like it was made by a 6 year old in a sweat shop because more than likely it was. Tried to return it and get a refund. They didn’t respond for about a week and kept just trying to give me a run around. Took the $16 loss (plus shipping) and burned the ugly ass shirt.
перевести 27.12.2018

Dawn N

Site says Houston BUT to return they give China address and say that shipping and customs clearance may cost more than the price I paid for the product (if I had know this I would have NEVER purchased the item, what a SCAM ! I will not be returning this product so they will end up keeping my 10$ and I get nothing !? Shame on pink queen for sending and selling clothing that looks NOTHING like the picture, interesting that I cannot leave a comment on their site !!!This is false advertising and deceiving.... karma !!
перевести 22.12.2018


Fraud: File a complaint with Internet Crime Complaint Center

I never received my item and got a bogus tracking number and a bad link to check order status. This is obviously a fraudulent company. File a complaint with the internet crime complaint center to get them shut down. IC3 dot gov.
перевести 20.09.2018

Stephanie Douglas

This website is trash. I've been waiting almost a month for my order. I've tired cancelling the order and reaching out to the company for an refund I was told please allow 24 hrs to be contacted back. If you want to waste your time and money then this is the website to do so.
перевести 13.09.2018


BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE, THIS IS A SCAM COMPANY, RUN AND DONT LOOK BACK! I paid for express delivery 5-7 days and after 10 days it still hasn't even been processed according to the order page but they took my money straight away and they dont answer any emails or messages, wish i had read the terrible reviews before getting caught
перевести 06.08.2018


Receiving random packages from this website. Never heard of it. Never placed an online order.
перевести 12.06.2018


Fraud, ordered a jumpsuit and have not received any package yet money was taken out my account.
перевести 19.04.2018


Ordered an item almost 2 weeks ago. I was charged for the item the same day. My order says "processing" despite paying for express shipping. Will not answer emails. Not a happy customer. If zero stars were possible, that's what I would give.
перевести 20.03.2018


Scam alert. Tried to cancel order. No return email. Tried calling... Phone number doesn't work. Received wrong mer handise. Can't get in touch with them to return. Very expensive to return to China. I lost my money. Oh well
перевести 14.03.2018


AWFUL!!!! I ordered from this company because they seemed to have fair clothes at a reasonable price. I ordered mid January for clothes to wear for V-Day!!!. The package came one week after V-Day, one day after I sent an email asking for a tracking number for my package. I try on the clothes and nothing fits or is as its seemed on-line. I contacted customer service via email for a return bc that is their policy and can't get anyone to contact me back after two messages, and two weeks of waiting. Soon their 60-day return policy will pass, coincidence---I don't think so!!! There isn't a phone number to call on their website and had I'd known that prior to ordering (that's my fault, I should have checked) then I would have known better than to order from them. Looked up the company on the internet and nothing but BAD BAD BAD reviews. I found a number for the company on a BBB type website and the number was disconnected. I left a message on their FaceBook site and lo and behold, others with the same problem!!! SCAM, SCAM. WASTE. FRAUD. THIEVES!!! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE UNLESS YOU WANT TO END UP WITH NO MONEY AND/OR NO CLOTHES!!!!!!!!!
перевести 10.03.2018


I keep sending emails so I can return an item that doesn't fit. I have sent them several emails and still haven't gotten a response. I do not recommend pink Queen at all????????
перевести 16.02.2018

Terry Jordan

This website is full of shit.. took. 250.00 from my bank with no confirmation email no dress.. I want my damn money back.. People work to hard for y'all Chinese bitches to just take their hard earned money.... don't order shit from this website
Signed a Angry American
перевести 06.02.2018


Don't buy from this company they are frauds!! I ordered a dress January 12 and they send me the wrong size and then ask me to take a picture of it to make sure i wasn't lieing..i ask for my refund still have not received it, its going on 3 weeks..i repeated do not buy from this COMPANY!!!
перевести 05.02.2018

Rodgers Marian B

I ordered 15 pair of leggings in different sizes. They sent me 15 small leggings with no tags of a den of Acacian at all as to size or who made it. It was as if my neighbor did. Very poor quality. Asked for return. Would have to pay exorbitant shipping much more than my $150 order. They will not send me my mediums and large. They have stopped answering any emails I sent. Please do not use this company! What a huge scam their running. No customer service you can talk to So when they won’t answer your emails you have no recourse. I plan to report them to PayPal.
перевести 20.12.2017


Ordered 2 Christmas costumes and one was ok. The quality was just ok. The other costume was a small skirt and top. The sizing chart said small would fit hips up to 37.5. My wife is 37 and she got it up to her thighs. Here is where I wish I read all of the reviews about the lack of customer service. The website states that you can chat with a person but no icon to start a chat. I emailed them but after 2 days, I doubt if they will reply. I'll probably be out $23.00. It is too bad companies like this exist. Shame on them. There are too many good companies out there.
перевести 18.12.2017

Mary Setzer

The dress I received was not the dress I ordered. It's a piece of crap. Not the same design...not the same fabric and to return it I have to pay to ship it back to China. Not worth it Beware Beware Beware. Rip off
перевести 12.12.2017

Rita Henry

I ordered a top early November 2017 and the funds were taken out of my account on 12 November. "WITHDRAWAL BILL PAYMENT #427127 PAYPAL *PINKQUEEN 2211 NORTH FIRST STREET SAN JOSE CA." Today, 12 December, one month later, I am still waiting for my top without any word from this company.
перевести 21.11.2017


Complete ripoff scam. Won't ship, and won't reply to email. Won't answer the phone and 'Contact Us' doesn't work. Don't even THINK about using pink queen. That all my experience and my opinion.
перевести 20.10.2017

Rashonda Rooks

I ordered September 8 2017 and still have not got my order yet pissed to the max cause when u write them they do not respond don't waste your time order from this site I feel like they took my money never again tho
перевести 25.09.2017

Cheryl cole

They bait and switch, then they ignore you. Depending on how You mail the items back shipping ranges from 40.00 to 95. 00. Don't expect to get it back even if it's their fault

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